Tokio Business Package

Workmen's Compensation

This section provides insurance coverage for accidental bodily injury, death, occupational sickness, illness and/or disease occurring during and within the scope of employement as per UAE Federal Labour Law No. 8 of 1980 (Chapter VIII) and subsequent amendments thereto.

Public Liability

This insurance policy caters to the organization's liability exposure for any injury to third party or damage to property of third party occurring at the designated business premises. Common examples to site are spread of fire to neighbouring premises, injury to visitors in the premises etc.

Property All Risks Cover

This comprehensive insurance plan insures your entire office and warehouse set up. The policy covers all accidental damages, other than those specifically excluded, caused due to perils such as fire, lightning, natural disasters, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, pipes, sprinkler leakage etc. The policy also has special extensions such as Designation of Property Clause, Automatic Reinstatement of Sum Insured Clause, Removal of Debris Clause, 72 Hours Clause etc. which provide value-added comprehensive insurance protection.

Electronic Equipments Cover

This is a specially designed cover for electronic equipments such as computers, servers, laptops, projector's, plasma TV, UPS, networking equipments, external data media etc. which are not basically covered under standard Property All Risks Insurance or Fire Insurance Policy. The coverage is on an 'All Risk' basis covering all accidental loss or damage such as fire, theft, dropping, water damage, voltage fluctuation, power surge, natural disasters etc. other than those specifically excluded. Laptops are covered on a world-wide basis whilst being cerried out of office. Optional coverage extension is also available for covering increase in cost of working such as working overtime, hiring equipments, sub-letting tasks etc. for a temporary period till such time as damaged equipment is repaired or replaced.

Loss of Rent Cover

Most companies in Free Zone pay upfront 100 % rent for the entire annual tenancy period. This section provides cover for loss of rent for the period your premises are rendered untenable due to any loss or damage covered under Section 3 Property All Risks Insurance Policy.

Group Personal Accident Cover

This is a 24 hours world-wide cover against any accidental bodily injury or death. The benefit limit is flexible to suit your requirements and you may opt for either a fixed amount, say Dhs.200,000 or have it as a multiple of the salary, say 36 months salary. Also, you have flexibility of selecting and insuring either all or specific employees only as per your HR benefit structure. The benefit provided under this policy is in addition to any benefit payable under Workmen's Compensation Insurance Policy. We recommend you may consider to avail this cover since the compensation for fatal accidents provided under Workmen's Compensation Insurance is a quite low amount for executive employee cadre and even comparing the 'Blood Money' or 'Diya' as per Shariah Law which is Dhs.200,000.

Money Cover

This insurance covers any loss of money due to burglary, holdup, robbery etc. whilst the money is kept in safe or whilst in transit in custody of an employee between the specified locations upto the coverage limit opted by the client. This cover is recommended because other insurance policies does not cover 'Money'.

Fidelity Cover

This insurance policy caters to the organization's risk exposure towards any infiduciary acts or omissions such as forgery, embezzlement, larceny, misappropriation and default of its employees occupying positions of trust involving duties such as handling cash, storekeeping etc. The policy can be taken for specified limits / Sum Insured by the employer on 'Named' basis or on 'Designation' basis enlisting the total number of employees to be covered.

Business Interruption

Covers against loss of Gross Profit resulting from reduction in turnover and any increase in the cost of working following a loss covered by the Property All Risks or Fire and Perils policy. Cover can be taken for the maximum period of the anticipated interruption to normal business activities.