Fidelity Guarantee

Protect your SME or large businesses against corporate frauds and malpractices, potentially resulting in a significant financial loss for any businesses.

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Fidelity Guarantee

An undeniable reality both small, medium, and large businesses are exposed crime and frauds, potentially resulting in a significant financial loss for any businesses.

Many corporate frauds and other malpractices often go undetected for days before the business owners are aware of the situations.

Whether you are self-managing in a small to medium company or running a multinational operation, you still need to be vigilant and need to be prepared for these things to happen.

Fidelity Guarantee insurance protects your business from financial damages arising due to dishonesty of any person, the organization has employed.

Key Benefits & Features

The basics

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  • Misuse of funds or Theft of Money.
  • Theft of tangible (hardware, equipment etc.) or intangible (reports, data, customer records etc.) assets of a business by an employee.
  • Payroll fraud planned and executed by an employee in accounts department or a senior official.
  • Sales fraud by manipulating the sales system of a company for example siphoning off extra money from customers.
  • Stock theft.

  • Non-Payment/Default of Loan Exclusion
  • Loss of trade secrets
  • Consequential loss or loss of interest of any kind
  • Any loss committed by a partner of the policyholder.
  • Unexplained shortages which cannot be attributed to a specific employee.
  • Losses due to trading in securities, options, foreign exchanges etc.