Public Liability Insurance

Safeguard your business from any legal liabilities to the public arising from your business activities through Tokio Marine Public Liability Insurance.

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance helps to protect you or your organization become liable to pay compensation or legal settlements for injury to third parties, or damage to their property, during the course of your work or employment. Public Liability Insurance can also cover the cost of your reasonable legal fees incurred from defending a claim against you.

If you interact with the general public as part of running your business, there is always a risk that an accident could happen.

If a customer trips on an item at your business premises, or an employee damages customer property, you could be legally liable to cover the costs. This could include the cost of third-party compensation or expenses, in addition to the cost of funding your own legal defense.

Key Benefits & Features

The basics

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  • Compensation to third parties in the event of Physical Injury or Property Damage due to your business activities within the policy territory.
  • Your legal defense and court costs incurred by defending a claim made against your business.
  • Legal Liability toward your landlord /Tenant as applicable
  • Cross Liability
  • Work way Risks
  • Liability due to Food & Drink served at your Premises.
  • Cover is extended Worldwide whilst on Non-Manual Business Trip for Employees of the Company.

  • Fundamental Risk such as War & Terrorism.
  • Machinery Breakdown /Risk Due to Communicable disease.
  • Nuclear Risk/Radioactive materials
  • Aviation/Marine/Offshore Risk.