Sometimes known as Cash in Safe and Cash in Transit insurance.

Cover Provided

The policyholder is indemnified in respect of loss of money plus any damage to safe, strongroom, container or waistcoat which occurs during the course of theft or attempted theft. Includes losses from the policyholder’s premises, whilst in transit, in bank night safes, at contract sites (during business hours) or from the home of the policyholder or any partner, director or employee.

Extent of Cover

Money includes: Cash, bank and currency notes, cheques (other than blank or partly completed), travellers cheques, bankers drafts, postal orders, money orders, postage stamps, unexpired units on franking machines, trading stamps, gift tokens, bills of exchange, travel tickets, phone cards, credit and charge cards.

Cover will be up to the sum insured limits. Certain limits will apply including:

  • Maximum amount to be kept in specific safes/strongroom
  • Maximum amount to be carried per transit

Usual Exclusions

This policy will NOT cover losses:

  • resulting from fraudulent or uncollectible
  • by employee dishonesty/fraud (unless discovered within 7 days)
  • from fraudulent use of a computer or electronic transfer
  • from fraudulent use of credit or charge cards
  • from safe/strongroom where key has been left on the premises overnight
  • or shortage due to errors or omissions
  • consequential loss of any kind
  • from unattended vehicles

Available Extensions

Cover can be extended to include losses from fraudulent use of business credit or charge cards (subject to a limit)

Information Requirements

You will need to advise us:

  • Estimated annual cash carryings (policy can be adjusted to reflect actual carryings at the end of the policy period)
  • Details of any safes/strongrooms (including manufacturer, model, weight, dimensions)