Medical cover is generally classified as General treatment and hospitalization cover.

Medical insurance has been made mandatory for all citizens and residents of Dubai and in line with the requirements, our medical products covers the following:

General treatment cover:

Visits to the doctor or to hospitals available under the network when ill and costs associated with this will be covered up to the limits available under the policy. Various plans are available to cater to corporate clients or individuals.

Hospitalization cover:

When hospitalization is required, admission in hospital is covered for further treatment of illnesses. Treatment can be availed on cash-less basis. All charges associated with the treatment would be covered as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

There are other enhanced covers that can be opted for in addition to the basic cover. They are as follows:

  • Dental treatment
  • Optical
  • Chiropractic treatment;
  • Home nursing;
  • Podiatry;
  • Physiotherapy, occupational, speech and eye therapy; and
  • Prostheses (e.g. hearing aids).

What may not be covered?

  • Policy deductibles – a portion of the claim amount that is to be borne by the Insured
  • Exclusions – these conditions cannot be covered at all under the policy.

Benefit waiting periods – certain medical conditions can be covered only after the expiry of a certain period of time under the policy