Protection for Your Home & Pet

Tokio Home Protection 

The Pet Insurance Cover is provided as an extension to our Tokio Home Protection policy.

What we do cover

  • Surgery Costs
  • Hospitalization due to accident or illness
  • Out Patient Consultation & Treatment
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Third Party Personal Injury


What we do not cover in our Pet Insurance Policy

Our Pet Insurance policy do not cover:

  • Any pre existing conditions and treatments related to the same.
  • A waiting period of 30 Days applies from the inception of the policy (except for emergency treatment and Renewals)

  • The excess or coinsurance amount as stated on your policy schedule
  • Vet fees for or in connection with:

    a. Any preventative or non-essential treatment, tests or diagnostic procedures, prescribed general health supplements or routine examinations and treatment including but not limited to routine vaccinations, grooming, treatment of infestations or parasites, nail clipping, spaying or castration or for any treatment in connection with pregnancy or giving birth, or any event arising out of these procedures.

    b. The cost of routine or investigative tests unless these are to diagnose a condition due to specific or existing symptoms or clinical signs and the condition is covered under the insurance.

    c. Any prescription fees or medicine decision fees and administration fees such as (but not limited to) completion of a claim form;

    d. Any referral, second opinion or specialist treatment or fees, unless we have specifically agreed to it;

    e. For any food such as (but not limited to) dry, wet and liquid food or for any clinical diet prescribed for the sole purpose

    of helping your pet lose weight and clinical diet prescribed in order to prevent any condition;

    f. Any extra charges for treating your pet outside usual surgery hours, unless the vet confirms that an emergency appointment is necessary;

    g. The cost of bathing, grooming or de-matting your pet;

    h. Any dental treatment

    i. Any claim for any form of housing or bedding needed for the treatment or general wellbeing of your pet; j. Any charges for cremating, burying or disposal of your pet;

    k. The cost of putting your pet to sleep

Note: this is just a summary of the cover usually provided. For full details of our home & pet insurance policy, please consult Tokio Marine's standard policy wording.

Home & Pet Insurance Policy Details

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