Additional Covers

For Contents

Mirrors and Glass, Door Locks, Contents Temporarily Removed, Contents in Open, Loss of Money, Debris removalLoss of Metered water, Fire and Extinguishing Expenses, Fire Brigade Charges, Extinguishment and MitigationCosts, Visitor’s Personal Effects, Personal belongings, deep freezer contents, shifting to a new house, Loss of important documents, Tenant’s Improvements, Alternative accommodation and Loss of rent

For Building

Architects’ Surveyors’ Legal and consulting Engineer’s fees, Debris removal, Public Authorities, Trace and Access, Loss of Metered water, Fire Brigade Charges, Extinguishment and Mitigation Costs, Fire and Extinguishing Expenses, Accidental Damage to Underground cables and pipes, Alternative accommodation and Loss of rent, Breakage of Fixed glass and sanitary fixtures, Garden cover, Emergency Access.

Information Required

  • Sum Insured under each section.
  • For contents, list of individual items above AED 5K to be provided


  • Summary of cover provided here
  • Policy terms, conditions, limits and deductibles would apply
Description Description Description
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