Cyber Security Insurance is an essential component of a healthy risk management strategy that looks to mitigate cyber threats appropriately. However, not all cyber policies are alike and finding the right coverage for your company can be challenging.

In today’s digital and connected world, cyber risks are an important and established part of the risk landscape. Companies rely heavily on IT systems to be operative, as well as to store and communicate intellectual property and data. Concerned with continuity in the face of an event and subject to ever-tightening legislation, businesses find themselves further under pressure to be cyber-ready.

Cyber incidents can originate from inside or outside the company and they can be intentional or accidental. Businesses need to be prepared for a constantly widening range of cyber threats, such as data breach, ransomware attacks, industrial espionage and the introduction of virus into company systems, amongst others. Whether targeted by hackers, political hacktivists, terrorists, nation states, competitors, disgruntled employees, or simply victims of innocent human error, all businesses are at risk

Summary of Cover

At TMNF, we understand that cyber-related risks are constantly evolving and coverage, therefore, needs to contemplate today’s threats and anticipate tomorrows. Our offer has been devised by our dedicated cyber underwriting, claims and product development teams and designed so that coverage can be seen at a glance.

A wide range of cyber events are considered, and clients can extend and adapt further coverage to best suit their set-up and needs. As the nature of a cyber-event can deeply impact a business, we are quick to take action. The policy responds as soon as we are alerted to the possibility of a cyber-event.

Key benefits

  • Data Breach
  • Cyber Attack
  • Insured System Disruption
  • Electronic Media Claim
  • E-Threats.