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Everything You Need To Know About Car Insurance in Dubai

To register a vehicle in Dubai, you must first purchase auto insurance. However, it's best to choose an authorized provider of car insurance in dubai motorists themselves highly recommended. This way, you can go with an insurer known for delivering high-quality services and adequate coverage.

To that end, we've come up with this guide covering the vital facts about vehicle insurance in Dubai. Read on to learn more about the requirements, and how to choose the right one.

Why Do You Need Car Insurance?

Granted, there are now fewer road accidents in the UAE. They still occur in the thousands, though, and many of them lead to injuries and property damage.

With that said, the primary reason to get auto insurance coverage is that it's the law in Dubai, and all of the UAE. More than that, it exists to protect the other people you share the roads with.

However, having vehicle insurance also means that you receive protection from liabilities. It can serve as your financial net in case you get into an accident. Depending on the policy you get, it can also help pay for your own losses and damages. 

A Legal Requirement

If you would like to drive a vehicle in the UAE, including Dubai, you need to get insurance first. The law requires you to first obtain insurance before you can register a vehicle in Dubai (or anywhere in the UAE). Otherwise, you can face hefty penalties if you get caught driving uninsured.

Third-party liability coverage is the minimum or basic insurance required by the law. It provides coverage for bodily injury or death to any third party. It also helps cover the costs of property damage to others caused by the insuree's vehicle.

Penalties of Driving Uninsured

In the UAE, there are more than 130 types of traffic violations that can incur fines and black points. One of these is driving a motor vehicle without insurance.

If caught, uninsured drivers can expect to pay a fine of Dh 500 as well as incur four black points. The RTA also enforces a seven-day retention period for driving without insurance coverage.

Availability of Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Dubai

The legally-required third-party liability often won't cover any damages to your vehicle. An exception will be if there's another party at fault for the accident. They must also have insurance and that you can make a claim against the other driver.

As such, it's best to get a more comprehensive insurance policy with better coverage. The best insurance in Dubai meets the required third-party liability coverage, while also covering you and your car. A more robust policy protects you from losses or damages to your insured vehicle.

You will even find insurance policies that provide fire and theft protection. You can also get coverage for other non-collision damages, such as those from floods and riots. Many of the insured perils in robust auto insurance policies are like those in home insurance.

What Extras Can You Get With a More Robust Policy?

At the very least, comprehensive insurance offers emergency medical expense coverage. It should also provide some level of free personal injury coverage.

All these are things that basic third-party liability coverage doesn't include.

Those are just a few "extra" perks you'd get with comprehensive insurance, though. Here are some of the many other benefits of such policies.

Coverage for Your Family

Many car accidents occur in vehicles occupied by more than the driver.

Fortunately, the best comprehensive auto insurance policy covers your family too. Of course, you, as the driver, also receive coverage for injuries and property damage.

Protection for Personal Belongings

Such policies also provide coverage for personal belongings. Meaning, they protect not only your vehicle itself but also some of your stuff inside the car. These include items that you store in the boot or glove compartment.

Round-the-Clock Road Side Assistance

Vehicles can break down at the worst time possible, potentially causing road accidents. It can be even worse if yours stutters and dies in the middle of nowhere. This can leave you stranded and at risk of heat-related illnesses.

With the best comprehensive car coverage, you can rely on 24/7 roadside assistance. Meaning, you simply need to contact your reliable insurer, and they will come to your rescue. To top it off, this round-the-clock service is free of charge.

What Do You Need to Get Auto Insurance in Dubai?

You only need to furnish a few documents to purchase auto insurance in Dubai. The insurer needs these to validate your identity and confirm your driving experience.

Here's what you can expect the auto insurance provider to require from you:

  • A copy of your driver's license
  • The registration car of your vehicle
  • A copy of your passport photo page

That's it! From here, the authorised insurance agent will guide you through all the other steps. Feel free to ask as many pertinent questions as you need, especially if you see any unfamiliar terms.

As for where to apply, know that in Dubai, you can now purchase auto insurance online. You only need to answer questions related to your auto insurance needs. However, if you need extra help, you can always have an insurance agent call you.

Start Shopping for Better Insurance Now

There you have it, your ultimate guide to car insurance in Dubai. Now that you know how important it is, it's time to start your search. The sooner you get adequate auto insurance coverage, the sooner you can register your car.

Do you need more help figuring out comprehensive auto insurance? If so, then please know that we here at Tokio Marine are always ready to assist! Please get in touch with us now, and we'll be happy to provide you with the best insurance in Dubai.