Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Dubai | Tokio Marine Insurance UAE

Cover provided the policyholder is indemnified in respect of loss by reason of any act of fraud or dishonesty by any employee (with the clear intention of obtaining an improper financial gain for themselves or any other person intended by them).

Extent of Cover

The policy can be set up in a number of different ways, for specific sum insured or limit for:

  • Named individuals
  • By designation (or job type)
  • On a ‘blanket’ basis (i.e. covering ALL employees)

Usual Exclusions

This policy will NOT cover:

  • Loss of trade secrets
  • Consequential loss or loss of interest of any kind
  • Any change in the nature of the business unless agreed in writing by the insurer
  • Any loss committed by a partner of the policyholder
  • Losses where the defaulting employee cannot be identified by name
  • Unexplained shortages which cannot be attributed to a specific employee
  • Losses due to trading in securities, options, foreign exchanges etc.
  • Losses not discovered within 12 months of expiry of the policy

Jurisdiction/Geographical Area

United Arab Emirates

Information Requirements

You will need to advise us:

  • Details of system of checking new employees during recruitment
  • Details of other financial checking systems that the policyholder has