Credit Insurance is a commercial insurance designed to protect any business selling goods or services to their business customers on credit terms. Credit insurance covers the risk of non-payment by a business customer as a result of insolvency or protracted default. Insolvency is viewed as the formal failure of the business customer and protracted default covers the situation where the business customer admits liability for payment but does not pay within an agreed credit period after the original due date.

What dose Credit Insurance Cover

  • Business to Business Transactions (Supplier to Buyer)
  • Insolvency or Protracted Defaults(Financial Risk excluding commercial disputes)
  • Political Risks (For Export Sales)
  • Open Account Sales (Cash, Bank Guarantees, LC transactions excluded)

Benefits of Credit Insurance

  • Credit Insurance allows your business to grow safely and Faster
  • Gives you confidence to expand your sales to new and existing customers and markets
  • Lower Internal Costs
  • Access to a Trade Finance Facility
  • Credit Management
  • Further once the unpaid amounts are determined, collection experts implement proven techniques to increase the chances of successful collection

This is a specialised product designed to protect individuals and corporations operating in high-risk areas around the world.

This policy covers the perils of associated with kidnapping and is underwritten on case to case basis.